Scilla af Hagalund

Mare born 2017  166 cm

Mother Quidamie Spring R.S. has two offspring, Corn Flow born-16 and Corn Flake who went to the Ekestrian Elite Auction and is a certified stallion in AES. All after CO.

Grandma Cassia R.S has several siblings, see below, Grandmother Martinique (e: Caretino) bond premium. Martinique has given Roulette II 1.40 jumps, Tenerife 1.20 jumps, Cyprus4 1.60 jumps Grandmother Grandma Alasca II has given Gomera I in PSG Intermediate dress, approved stallion Cardino 1.50, S.I.E.C Caro Ass 1.60, Mc Leod 2 1.40

Martinique's sister Elasticue has given Campari 220 in 1.45 jumps as well as Okarina III which gave Chanel 355 in 1.60 jumps.

Elastique also has a granddaughter Drago G.S who is an approved stallion and goes 1.45 jumps Martinique's sister Lasca II has given; Contendrina 1.45, China Touch which gave three approved stallions Akarad Hero Z, Sea Cost don´t touch Tiji Hero both in 1.45 and approved stallion Best friend Hero Z.

In addition to them she also gave Jaguar de Tiji 1.50 and the Esprit de la Roque 1.50.

In addition to Contendrina, Lasca II has also provided; Elasco Hero 1.45, approved stallion Tinkas Hero 1.45, Abiskaya Hero Z ET 1.40, Prestige Noir who has given stallion Cassiniland

Alasca II's mother Ibiza has given three offspring in 1.40.


-21 filly   Wasabi af Hagalund   by Casall

-22 in foal with Cardento