Mare born 2013    169 cm

Kannan-Cumano-King of Diamonds-Water Serpent xx

She is very nice and gently in every way. Chakan has 131 i jumping index. She is ridden between foals and she moves like a cat in her jumping. Lots of movement and a strong takeoff. She really is a lovely horse. Her offspring are always of very good sporty type and longlegged.

She has two siblings that are in competition, Vanity Girl in 1,30 and Hotdog in 1,25. 

Her mother Chanel V/T Niuwenhof has competed at 1,50 level in showjumping and was in the World champions chips for young horses as a 7 year old.

Chanels sister Carmen Z has one offspring in 1,60 jumping Maestro van het Binnenveld, one in 130 jumping, one in120 jumping

The father Kannan is one of the most successful breeding stallions in the sport in the highest level in showjumping.

The grandfather Cumano are the world championchip medalist and his offspring are really successful in the highest levels.

King of Diamonds is one of the best showjumping stallions in Ireland through the years


-17 colt    Sambucus af Hagalund   by Frontier Ask. Sold 8-8,5points at young horse test for 3 year olds.

                                                              Competing well in 1.30 international showjumping 

-19 filly     Uniola af Hagalund          by Cornet Obolensky. Owned by us. She got 9-9-8 poi by nts as a 2,5 year old in                                                                                          loosejumping by Lars Berglund and Erik Jerneld. Careful, good teqnique, strong from the                                                                                    ground,  high capacity and easy to handle. Test as a 3 year old she got 8-7-7,5-8,5 canter and                                                                              jumping and 8,5 points for type  

-20 filly     Verbena af Hagalund       by I´m Special de Muze. Sold to Stall Mathilda Thunholm

-22  filly    Xylia af Hagalund            by Conthargos. Owned by us

-23 colt    Akantus af Hagalund        e: Chacoon Blue Sold at SWB Elitefoalauction 

-24    In foal with Cardento