Ursinia af Hagalund

Ursinia af Hagalund

Mare born 2019

For Romance I-Zack-His Highness-De Niro-Hohenstein

The mother Pistage af Hagalund has the swedish points BLUP 139

Pistage mother Diane av Ena was born 2006 171 cm

Diploma as a dressage talent 49 998 878 p and 48 p as jumping talent.

Grand grandmother Divina Comedia purchased from Elite Auction in Verden. Was shown as 2-year-old in Germany and won. Won even in the family group.

3-year old test 888 988 = 49 p dressage talent.

Attended the Royal championsships and was 4th in the finals got 50 p with 9 for type o 10 HVD, neck, torso. Her four foals have been 49, 48, 48 and 48 on foal championships.

 One of her offspring are sold to Christian Krusenstierna.

The mareline then has state premium mares in three generations. Grandmother Hawai 8.34 in gaits o 8 rideability at his performance test for mares. Grandmother Vienna was 8.83 in gaits o 9 rideability.


Diane's siblings: Sister Darleen Ena f-08 e: Santana got gait diploma as a 3 year old with 898 on her gaits.

Sister Design of One f-07 e: Topasch is with Kristian von Krusenstierna and trained with a view to higher dressage classes.


Brother born 2018 stallion Jambeau (Apache) Sold on elitefoalauction